Getting ready to sell you home?

Make sure you check these

three things off your list before

going on the market.

Preparing to sell your home comes with a long list of to-dos. Even turn-key properties need a once over to make the best first impression on buyers. Don’t miss these items before listing your home.

#1: The windows

Professionally cleaned windows are a must before listing. Dusty screens, dingy glass, and dirty tracks are often over looked before listing. Crystal clear glass and freshly cleaned screens let in lots of light and make a great impression on buyers even as they walk up to the home’s exterior.

#2: The ceiling fan

Don’t forget to look up! Ceiling fans often missed by sellers but buyers will notice them! Give your fans a good dusting and while you are up there check the ceiling and any additional lighting for cobwebs. During an open house and showings your agent will likely turn on all the lights and things like spiderwebs and dust on the ceiling fan and light fixtures will be very obvious to buyers touring your home.

#3: The lightbulbs

Burned out light bulbs might seem like a small thing to worry about but to buyers, missing or burned out bulbs tells them your home maintenance checklist might not be up-to-date. Plus, a home inspector will call out a possible electrical problem if burned out bulbs are preventing an accurate examination of the home’s electrical systems. It is always best to eliminate any potential issues before a buyer is involved.  Especially ones with an easy solution.


Tackling these important pre-listing tasks yourself or hiring a real estate cleaning company before listing will give you an advantage over sellers who don’t sweat the small details. The best agents will have a keen eye for these details and will help you make sure your home is A+.





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