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STEP 1: Tell us about your property

Fill out the questionnaire below (click to expand) and tell us about the property you are interested in selling.

Our process is a little different than most real estate agents. Our goal is to maximize the potential of each property we list. In short, we don’t want you to leave money on the table! We start by reviewing your property with our team and developing a plan that fits your needs while also capatilizing on the character of your home.

Our goal isn’t to appeal to the most buyers. We want to find the RIGHT buyer. Each property is unique and we want to highlight what makes your home the right fit for that perfect buyer.

Selling Questionnaire

Selling Questionnaire

Ready to sell? Fill out the form below and tell us about your property.
  • The more information the better!

STEP 2: The Plan

Once we receive your questionnaire we will review it and contact you to set up a time to come walk through the property. We then take all the information, including our own market research, and come up with a plan to prepare your property for listing. Sometimes the property is turn key and only requires some minor staging/organizing. Sometimes the plan includes some pre-listing renovations or major decluttering.

The best thing is our team is 100% HANDS ON in this process. Need to move some things into storage to create a better flow? We can make the arrangements! Need new flooring or the yard needs some attention? Yup, we do that! Even bigger issues like deffered maintenance or updating kitchens and bathrooms? The bigger the project the better!

But, how much is this going to cost? Every project is different and the costs are something we will cover when we talk about our purposed plan. Many of the pre-listing improvements/staging can be built into the commission and will be paid at close of escrow reducing your out of pocket costs during your move.

We get it. You have options when choosing a real estate agent.

What we do is not your typical real estate.

Our #1 goal is to provide more value to each of our clients. Faster sales, more return, and a simpler process. Everyone on our team is elevating your expectation of selling real estate.

STEP 3: Let’s get to work

Once we finalize the plan for your project you sign the contracts and we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our team manages every aspect of executing the plan. If there are things you want to tackle on your own we will help you coordinate with other work being done and we are always there to help if needed.

STEP 4: Get ready for listing

Once any major work is done our listing team will come in to clean, finilize staging, and photograph your home. This is typically done 3-4 days before the target listing date.

STEP 5: Officially for sale

Typically we like to target a Friday or Saturday to list your house on the MLS.  Once your house is officially for sale we will schedule an open house and coordinate with potential buyers for showings. Yes, this means you have to keep your house ready to show, typically with an hour or two notice. We try to minimize the impact to your daily routein but it is also important to get buyers in as quickly as possible.

Open houses are usually 1-4pm on a Saturday or Sunday (weather and holidays depending).

STEP 6: Getting offers and opening escrow

When an offer is made on your property we will review it with you and help you decide how to respond, accept, reject, or counter offer.  Once you have accepted an offer escrow opens and any inspections, apprasials, etc are schedule and performed. Our team will help you through the escrow process.

STEP 7: Sold!





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